Salaam, Everybody,

Thanks for response to my last night’s post.
Please note that this is an English class. So no comments / answers in Urdu.

The most proper way to tell a shopkeeper what you want to buy is to say
Let me see some pens (etc) please. OR
I would like to see some pens (etc), please.

Suppose the teacher catches you talking to a friend in the classroom, and asks you to stand up. What would you say in response ?  1 February 2018 

Salaam, Everybody,

Suppose you want to borrow five thousand rupees from your father. Which of the following ways would be most appropriate for the purpose ?

1. Dad/ Daddy, please lend me five thousand rupees.
2. Dad/ Daddy, would you please lend me five thousand rupees?
3. Dad/ Daddy, could you please lend me five thousand rupees ? (Munawar Ali Malik3 is the best choice, because you can’t be sure that your father can afford to lend you the money readily. “Could” is a polite way of asking if he can.)
2 February 2018 .

Salaam, Everybody,

” Keep” is also used in several Phrasal Verb forms. Let’s see how you use the following Prepositions / Adverbs with “keep” to make the given sentences meaningful. off—at—-out—-to—–from

1. Illness keeps me —– attending the party
2. I advised him to stop talking, but he kept —- it.
3. You should keep —– of family quarrels.
4. While driving in Pakistan we have to keep —– the left.
5. Keep —— the mud while you walk in rain. (Solution – from, at, out, to, off ) 5 February 2018 

Salaam, Everybody,

Let’s see what you can do with the word “bring.”
Complete the given sentences by inserting the following Prepositions/ Adverbs:

to— out—in—up

1. This business brings —- more money than his old business.
2. The unconscious patient was brought ——- with an injection.
3. After his mother’s death, his aunt brought him —–
4. Lazy workers should be brought —— book.
5. Most of my books were brought —— New Kitab Mahal, Lahore.  ( Solution – In ,To , Up, To ,Out) 6 February 2018

Salaam, Everybody,

Let’s hope you find this assignment quite easy.

Complete the given sentences with the following Prepositions / Adverbs :

1. Suddenly a fire broke —— in the shoe store.
2. I left the hall when the meeting broke ——-
3. As a result of serious differences their marriage broke —- last month.
4. During their absence, a thief broke —— the house and took away the purse lying on the table.
5. Unable to bear the loss, he broke ——–. (Solution –out, up, up, into, down) 7 February 2018

Salaam, Everybody,

An interesting assignment for you today.

Introduce yourself in not more than 3 sentences.
Each correct sentence will get you 3 marks. With each extra sentence you’ll lose 1 mark.
So make sure that you don’t write more than 3. 
8 February 2018 .

Salaam, Everybody,

Answer the following questions about your job / business. Each answer should be a single sentence.
1. What job / business are you doing ?
2, Where do you work (name the city) ?
3. What are your educational qualifications ?
4 . Do you like your job / business ?

If you are unemployed, you may say so. In answer to Question
No 4, say what job / business you would like to do.

Each correct answer will get you 3 marks.  9 February 2018 .

Salaam, Everybody,

Insert suitable Prepositions / Adverbs to complete the following sentences:

1. I look —— him as my brother.
2. The police officer promised to look —– the theft case.
3. Parents ought to look —– their kids.
4. What are you looking ——- ?
5. Never look——– upon your inferiors. (Solution — On,Into,After,For,Down)
10 February 2018

Salaam, Everybody,

Complete the following sentences with appropriate Prepositions / Adverbs ;

1. It is too cold today. I could do —— a cup of hot tea.
2. The marriage hall was beautifully done ——- for the occasion.
3. His prolonged illness did him —–.
4. We cannot do ——- air.
5. This bench is comfortable enough to do —– a chair.
11 February 2018

MY BIRTHDAY DECORATION —- February 12, 2018
By my Birth Day Manager,my grand-daughter, Aliza Amjad.

More Birthday pictures tomorrow, INSHAALLAH. 12 February 2018

Salaam, Everybody,

My birthday accounts for my absence last night. My Birthday Manager, my grand-daughter Aliza Amjad, a student of Class Five, spent full two days making preparations for the occasion.

She brought heaps of flowers, colourful balloons, candles and a golden conical cap which I refused to wear.

Around 8 pm we cut the cake and made some pictures of the occasion.

One of those pictures adorns this post. It shows me with my son, Prof Amjad Ali Malik. 13 February 2018 .

Salaam, Everybody,

Today we start something very useful for you in speaking and writing.

WOULD is used in many forms of expression. Some of the frequent uses of would are given below.

1. He promised that he would help me. (simple Past form of will)

2. He would get up early in the morning and go out for a long walk. (would = used to)

3. Would that I were there when he arrived. (would that= I wish that . Also note that we use ‘were’ instead of ‘was’ in such cases)

4. Would you please give me your pen ? (polite request).

5. I would help you if I could. (would refers to future possibility)

Could you make one sentence of each type ? 14 February 2018

Salaam, Everybody,

The picture in this post should be familiar to those of you who were with me in this class last year. I wrote quite a number of posts containing this picture.

The two persons in this picture are me on the left, and my cousin Mumtaz Hussain Malik on the right.
Today is the 7th anniversary of Bhai Mumtaz. He left this world on February 15, 2010.

I have never stopped missing him, because he was not just my cousin. To me he was like an affectionate mother. He loved me even more than my brothers. He was only two years older than me. But he treated me just like a kid. It was he who shaped my personality and activated my talents.

Mumtaz Bhai retired as Principal of Army Public School, and settled in Islamabad.

More about him tomorrow, InshaALLAH. For me he was too great to be disposed of in just one post. 15 February 2018 .

Salaam, Everybody,

Mumtaz Bhai had a superb taste in literature. He introduced me to the best poetry of the age. It was through him that I came to know legends like Sahir Ludhiyanvi, Faiz Ahmad Faiz , Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi , Shehzad Ahmed, Qateel Shifai , Munir Niazi and many others. Sahir and Faiz were our favourites,

Bhai was matchless at reciting poetry, and taught me the art. He was richly talented, but he cared more for my talent than his own. He often said to me, “Kameenay, you don’t know what you are, but I know that.”
Kameenay was the word he used to address me, but he uttered the word so lovingly that I loved it.

Even now I wish he would come back just once to say, “Kameenay, I’ve come back to see what you are doing”.

16 February 2018 .

Salaam, Everybody,

Some more uses of WOULD :

1. I cannot join you tomorrow, because I would be in Lahore.
( would = will )

2. I would rather have a cup of tea.
( would rather = prefer )

3. Had I asked him, he would have helped me.
( Had = If I had, would have refers to possibility )

4. What would you like to be after passing the BA Examination?
( would = will )

5. I asked him to go back, but he would not.
( would not = refused ).

<01> I can’t play cricket tomorrow,because i would be flying a kite. <02> She would rather buy an ice-cream <03> Had my grand mother told me a story, it would have remembered me. <04> What would you do after retirment? <05> The doctor asked the patient be calm let me examine but he would not.

Munawar Ali Malik! Please note 3.I would have remembered it 5. The doctor said to the patient, ” Be calm, and let me examine you, but he would not. 17 February 2018 .

Salaam, Everybody,

MAY is also used in prayers or wishes. For instance
May you live a long and happy life.

And now let me show you some uses of MAYBE.

MAYBE is a combination of may+be. But it has its own uses as given below:

1. Lahore is 300 , maybe 350 kilometers from Mianwali.
( shows approximate number or quantity)

2. I’ll join you, maybe.
( To avoid giving a direct answer )

3.Maybe you like to go with me.
( suggestion )

4. Maybe he needs our help.
He may be in need of our help.
( possibility )

( The two sentences have the same meaning, but they are different in form. In the second sentence we can’t say maybe. It has to be may be )

May you understand what I’ve said in today’s lecture.. 😄 19 February 2018

Salaam, Everybody,

MIGHT is the word we have to examine today. It is the Past and Past Participle ( you call it Second and Third ) form of MAY.
It is used as follows

1. It might rain today.
( shows remote possibility )

2. He might be foolish, but he is very sincere.
( to show contrast )

3. You might get better marks if you had worked honestly.
( to express annoyance )

4. We might watch that new movie.
( suggestion )

5. Might I borrow your car to go to the market.?
( Polite request. Might is more polite than May )   20 February 2018 .

Salaam, Everybody,

SHOULD is our word for today.
It is used in various ways. For instance :

1. You should consult a doctor.
( giving / offering advice )

2. Should I go there ?
( asking for advice )

3. He should be back at home by this time.
(showing possibility / expectation )

4. Should you see him, tell him I am waiting.
( Should you = If you )

5.I’ll do what I should.
( refers to duty or obligation )  21 February 2018 .

Salaam, Everybody,

English is a strange language. Look at the following uses of the word BOOK, for instance.

1. I have booked a seat on the morning flight for Saudia.
( booked = got reserved )

2. Please get a room booked for me at Mohsin Hotel.
( booked= the same as above )

3. He was booked for murder.
( a murder case was registered against him / an FIR was lodged against him ).

4. I can’t attend the meeting because I am booked next Sunday.
( booked = engaged / hired )

5. I could not get a ticket because the booking office had closed.
( booking office = ticketing office )

6. A cricketer has to play by the book.
( by the book = according to rules )  22 February 2018 . 


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