Isa khel is having many building of architecture importance and when you look at them with care then you come to know about renowned awe-inspiring buildings, which tell us story of glories past of Isa khel . These building are some of the most architecturally impressive in Mianwali

. Whether your architectural interests lean towards landscape architecture, the preservation of historic buildings, various revival styles, or something else entirely, your architect’s heart aflutter. These buildings in the list are having notable architectural attraction. They were chosen and posted based upon their overall appeal to the average person with an interest in architecture.

Tomb of Khanzaman Khan the Magnificent (Founding Father of Esakhel Khanate). — at Dara Tang, Esakhel .

Esakhel: After a few yards in, you feel immersed in that primitive culture.The minaret is one of endangered relics of a bygone age.October 16, 2014 ·  ·

Haweli of Khan Bahadur Abdullah Khan-25 October

Constructed in 19th century by great grandson of Khanzaman Khan and 5th son of Muhammad Khan Khan Bahadur Abdullah Khan

TWILIGHT ZONE-September 1, 2015 ·

Haweli of Noor Mohammad Khan (Rais Of Esakhel)

One of the city’s most impressive buildings.

Esakhel Architecture Images-17 August 2016

Tungar House

Tungar House- owned by Malik Mustafa Tunger & Malik Umair Tunger -30 July 2016

DEATH OF BEAUTY-17 April 2016

Architectural decay has become symbolic of Esa khel. Failure to prioritize objectives and non compliance with the modern day regulations resulted in disaster. Once a thriving community, today only a handful Khawaneen left in Esa khel. Instead of adapting to change, they chose to abandon their ancestral land and centuries-long history!

A relic from the past

15 April 2016

Ruins lost in Time!

29 March 2016

Entrance Gate to Haweli Abdul Sattar Khan

Haweli of Noor Mohammad Khan (Rais of Esakhel).

Haweli of Zafarullah Khan (Rais of Esakhel)

One of the Entrance Gates to Haweli of Col. Mohammad Aslam Khan (Rais of Esakhel)

Haweli of Khan Bahadur Abdullah Khan

Haweli of Noor Mohammad Khan (Rais of Esa khel)

Haweli Sarfaraz Khan in Esakhel.

Residence of Nawab Ghulam Qadir Khan located inside the Haweli Sarfaraz Khan complex.

One of the Entrances to Haweli Sarfaraz Khan.

Residence of Ahsanullah Khan (Rais of Esakhel). The residence is a walled area adjacent to Tehsil Headquarter Hospital in the heart of Esakhel City.

This building is part of Haweli Sarfaraz Khan complex. Haweli Sarfaraz Khan was built during Sarfaraz Khan’s (Great Grandson of Khanzaman Khan) life time in 19th century. Haweli Sararaz Khan is Esakhel’s most marvelous landmark and symbol of its glorious past


The Sarfraz Khan Masjid in Esa khel was commissioned by the great grandson of Khanzaman Khan, Sarfraz Khan Rais-e-Azam Esakhel. Constructed in 19th century, it was the largest Masjidin Esa khel upon construction. The Sarfraz Khan Masjid is Esa khel’s iconic and famous landmark. Rather than building huge Hawelis like his predecessors to demonstrate their power, Sarfraz Khan built elegant monuments. Some examples include the Bagh-e-Abdulrehman and Haweli of Col. Aslam Khan at Esa khel.

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