Some friends requested to  write the history of Mianwali – To write history one has to do a lot of study and research of history books – This is the work of historians, some books on the history of Mianwali district already exist – the first book was probably written by Munshi Muhammad Ramzan.

The most detailed and authoritative book is of  Dr. Liaquat Ali Khan Niazi’s “History of Mianwali”. He has published several books on the subject – research on history is his favorite subject – for which he was also the director of Lahore Museum – Tarikh Chakwal and Tarikh Mianwali are written by  Dr. Liaquat Ali Khan Niazi’s . In both books, Dr. Sahib has also included research articles by authoritative scholars and writers of the area.

The second book on the history of Mianwali is the Official Gazetteer of Mianwali District. The new edition of Gazetteer of Mianwali District was compiled by eminent historian, Principal of Government College Mianwali, Dr. Ghulam Sarwar Khan Niazi. This book is an authentic document in its place.

The late Hamidullah Khan Zia, a well-known scholar of Mochh, wrote a detailed history of the Niazi tribes. Issa Khel scholar Sardar Ahmad Khan Niazi was also compiling a history book, but death did not give him time to complete the work.

The details written by me about Mianwali History and culture mainly is based on my own experiences and observations – you can call it the Cultural History of Mianwali – the importance of this work will  be gauged from your likes and comments – By reading these memories you will get knowledge of the lifestyle of my elders and some good traditions, In return ,I hope I will  get your prayers for this work, what more do I need – – Munawar Ali Malik – —


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