Mianwalian Writers Club

Mianwalians Writers Club is the heart of the mianwali.org , in which material about Mianwali and Mianwalians written by well-known writers has been included for the information of people all over the world.  I rate it as the bread and butter of mianwali.org due to material included in this section. The writer’s material about Mianwali Mianwalians is included ,including all forms of literary art and creative writing about Mianwali Mianwalians, such as columns, articles, novels, short stories, plays, screenplays,facebook  posts  and essays as well as various utilitarian forms such as, reports and news articles has been included on this page. Mianwali writers who are able to use language to express about Mianwali Mianwalians contributing significantly to the cultural content of a Mianwali society are part of this page.

mianwali.org is thankful to all the writers for writing about Mianwali and Mianwalians especially  for sharing with us.

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