If nation is a body, then it’s heart would be its soldiers, just as the heart pumps the blood throughout the body, similarly the soldiers pump their blood into the nation to keep it healthy, prosperous, and alive. There are thousands of tales of gallantry, thousands of soldiers those acts of valor were beyond the call of duty and they offered supreme sacrifice in the defense of their motherland and became legendary, who wrote stories of courage and bravery with their blood. One of them is Captain Hameed Ullah Khan Sumbal Shaheed.

Captain Hameed Ullah Khan Sumbal Shaheed was son of Lt Col Muhammad Attaullah Khan Sumbal. He was born on 19th Jan 1933 in Ghandi, Kundian, District Mianwali. He joined Pakistan Army through 12th PMA Long Course and got commissioned in 9th Signals Battalion in 1956. Although his parent unit wad 9th Signals but after that he applied for change of arm and joined 31st field regiment. Due to his adventurous nature, he opted for Special Services Group but after some time he returned, on the will of his father Lt Col Attaullah Khan. Hameed Ullah Khan Shaheed was a battle-hardened officer who went for a course to Oklahoma Military Academy and topped that course. His achievement was published in Oklahoma Newspaper as well.

In September 1965, he was serving as an Artillery observer in jessar bridge, Sialkot with 4FF Regiment. Since he was trained as a commando, he led his detachment of troops in the heat of battle. Despite heavy shelling and firing from the enemy, he penetrated many kilometers inside enemy’s territory and inflicted heavy casualties on the other side. They opened the gates of hell for them. A notable number of the enemies were dead that day. The enemy was stumbled because of these attacks.Similarly, on 10th September 1965, Captain Hameed Ullah Khan while observing the area, an Indian shell exploded near his observation post, he got injured and evacuated to CMH Sialkot where he couldn’t survive and placed on high pedestal reserved for those who sacrifice their lives for the safety of motherland.


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