Salaam, Everybody,

Salaam, Everybody,

Thanks to the cellphone, the word CALL has become a part of every language spoken in Pakistan ( Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushtu etc ). But it also has some other meanings in Phrasal Verb form. For instance :

1. Let’s call at Aslam’s.
( call at = visit somebody at his house )
NOTE : Aslam’s means Aslam’s house. No need to say house. Just an apostrophe ‘s is as good as the word house.

2. The students called for a holiday.
( call for = demand )

3. I was told that the meeting had been called off.
( call off = cancel )

4. He called out for help, but nobody came to his rescue.
( call out = cry out loudly )

More Phrasal Verbs tomorrow, InshaALLAH. 23April 2018


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Salaam, Everybody,

The Verb FALL also has some idiomatic uses. For instance:

  1. He fell foul of his best friends because of his political choice.
    ( fall foul of = break friendship )


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  1. All his attempts to reconcile with his friend fell flat.
    ( fall flat = fail )

3 Instead of falling by the wayside, he continued his research.
( fall by the wayside = leave some work incomplete )

  1. He fell from grace because of his ill temper
    ( fall from grace = lose honour by committing a sin / doing wrong)- 30 April 2018

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