My tributes to my mother (women of our family at Nauranga are frequently neglected part of our society)

Written by: Syed Muhammad Aqeel Hussain Shah

We always highlight role of men who played a great role to build up a nation at Nauranga but unfortunately we hardly mention the role of women in our society.
I would definitely like to start with my late mother. She brought us up in very difficult circumstances and financial restraints in a small remotest part of Pakistan at Nauranga Mianwali. She has passed a very pious life exactly like a sufi Saint, at least she was niece of famous late Sufi Saint Peer Syed Umeed Ali Shah buried at Rokhari More Mianwali. She never went to school but she learnt Holy Quraan at early age and then became teacher (ustani) of so many women in the area. Due to her pious life, she had (and still has) so many female followers (mureednian) as she was considered as a spiritual leader (“peerni sainr”) for all women of the area and adjacent villages. We saw her always working restlessly so hard from dawn to dusk. She used to get up early in the morning. After offering prayers, she used to blow milk of cows and buffaloes. Then she would boil milk and later on prepare breakfast for the whole family. After that she would prepare butter from the milk by separating “lassi”, which she would keep some for the family and distribute the rest to needy families in the surrounding area. Then came the turn of washing utensils. After that she would start preparing lunch for the whole family. Then after serving lunch she would again become busy in washing used pots and clothes of the whole family. She would do all this work manually as there was no machine work at that time. She would offer zuhr and asar prayers and then prepare tea for the family. Again no rest. She would look after cows and buffaloes by feeding them gross and cleaning their place. Again we would see her preparing dinner for the family. She used to serve everybody with hot bread (chapatis) freshly cooked either on “tawaa” or on “tandoor”. Again she would offer maghrab and then ishaa prayers and would become busy in serving dinner. Before going to bed, she would offer tea to all. Other than family, she would always expect few guests daily, whom she called blessing of Allah (Allah ki Rehmat).
All this was daily routine, not a matter of a single day. I hardly saw her taking rest during the day time. It is her story of about 86 years before her departure to heavenly abode on 16th January 2015. She taught us all good things, excellent manners, extreme honesty, neat and clean corruption free life, hospitality to guests (mehmaan nawazi), offering regular prayers, fasting regularly during Ramadan, regular recitation of holy Quraan, love for Ahle Bait Alehumussalam and complete distance from all sorts of small or big evils. I owe all my good habits to her and accept responsibility at my own for all wrongdoings. We all siblings are highly indebted to her.
May Allah place her soul in eternal peace and grant her high place in Jannah. Aameen sum Aameen

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